Deepam’ or ‘Deeparadhana’: A gateway to Enlightenment!

Deepam’ or ‘Deeparadhana’: A gateway to Enlightenment!

‘Lightening a lamp’ before god is a common ritual followed once or twice a day regularly in Hindu way of living. Called differently in diverse states as diya, deepam, oil lamp, diva, deepa, whatever word is used it is an oil lamp normally made from clay with a cotton wick dipped either in vegetable oils or sesam oil or ghee. Some households in India have a lamp burning incessantly, which is called ‘Akhandha Deepa’ or ‘Akhandha Jyothi’. Such ‘Deepam’ is a representation of ‘Wisdom’ or ‘Prudence’. In all sacrosanct or holy occasions Hindu way of living has a permanent ritual of beginning any event with ‘lightning a lamp’. As the graceful light drives away the darkness, the wisdom would eliminate ignorance. Thus to acquire the wisdom, an invincible wealth that has different dimensions and aspects, people habitually initiate their day or any programme by striking a lamp. In contrast with electrical lights, lamps which are lit in traditional pattern have more divine value. Gurus explain that the oil and wicks used in oil lamp signify unwarranted desires and pride in a person.  As we lit the lamp before god such desires would gradually vanish and the pride would be superseded by humility.

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