Why Mosquitoes are fond of human blood?

Why Mosquitoes are fond of human blood?

Perhaps there won’t be a human across the world that never had a mosquito in his lifetime. We know mosquitoes bite us for our blood and with a kind of special limbs they suck our blood when they bite us. For many centuries we couldn’t find out why mosquitoes crave for our blood. In 1960s some US scientists have discovered the real reasons behind this phenomenon. Until then there were some common conceptions, rather misconceptions, like human blood is the chief food for mosquitoes, human blood tastes delicious due to which they even risk their lives for it, et al, which stood shattered after research. Before delving into the real reasons we should know mosquitoes that bite humans are feminine. Male mosquitoes are not equipped with the limbs required to penetrate into human skin.

The reasons: In line with researchers sucking human blood is mandatory for the livelihood of mosquitoes as it acts as vitamin required for sustaining their lives. If human blood is not available the researchers assert that the mosquitoes would become an extinct species within one or two generations. But then again the moot point is mosquitoes don’t need human blood regularly. They just need to consume human blood once in 25 generations. If they don’t do that their generations would perish.

As human blood is significant to that extent for the survival of mosquitoes god has equipped them with necessary organs that help them to suck blood. When a mosquito bites a person a fluid is emitted, which will make the target’s skin would turn insensitive and unresponsive. In a way that fluid acts as local anaesthesia.

How does a mosquito escape our strike?

Surprisingly god has given them necessary mechanism to predict the target’s anger and response in advance and escape before we hit the mosquito. It again comes back immediately but it rarely becomes a victim of strike. This article again proves that this universe we are living in is so perplexing that everything is connected to other.

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