Yoga, not as safe as it is propagated : Researchers at University of Sydney

Yoga, not as safe as it is propagated : Researchers at University of Sydney

Yoga, the ancient practice of India is not a fad across the world. Thanks to 100s of those enthusiasts who are coming to India to learn from gurus and propagate the same in their countries. Yoga is being propagated in such a way that it is an alternative treatment to many health issues. Doctors advise those suffering from stress or stress related ailments to practice Yoga. Now researchers at University of Sydney under the headship of Evangelos Pappas have mentioned their findings in Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies that Yoga as it is said is not safe for those who are suffering from musculoskeletal issues. They say Yoga may either cause new muscle and bone relevant complications or aggravate existing problems. But surprisingly 74% of those participants in the survey affirmed that they got relieved from the pain by practicing Yoga confirming the relationship between Yoga and musculoskeletal issues. Also 21% of prevailing grievances were inflamed after practicing Yoga.

The research further found that upper limbs are the most affected parts. Nevertheless researchers say pain or injury caused by Yoga could be avoided by cautious practice and keeping their trainers informed about their problems. Couple of suggestions from researchers:

1  Before initiating the practice itself the practitioners should discuss their issues if any with the trainers.

2  The yoga teachers would help to improve the postures without having considerable affect.

Don’t forget to discuss with your existing problems with your trainers the cost of your health.

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