A pervert sexually abuses his co-passenger and masturbates in flight!!

A pervert sexually abuses his co-passenger and masturbates in flight!!

Probably perversion knows no boundaries. We may take it as a mere statement but when we come to know actions of certain distorted individuals proves it we would start taking it very gravely. One such incident happened in a flight journey recently. And this is the second time in a month span that an uncalled-for incident in the form of sexual abuse happened in a flight journey.

Accused named Sabeen Hamza, 31 years old, was travelling to Mumbai from Bangalore. His co-passenger was a woman. As the flight took off a 6:20 AM the woman fell asleep immediately and Sabeen took advantage of this and started her touching her in her private parts. When she suddenly became aware of some foreign object on her body and became alert, she observer her co-passenger moving his one hand on her, while kept his zip opened and stimulating his genitals. She became horrified and alerted the flight crew but the accused denied any misdemeanour as he hurriedly zipped his trousers. The crew took it very seriously and placed a complaint with Mumbai police. And at the Mumbai airport when the flight landed around 7:45 AM, Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel welcomed Sabeen Hamza and detained him for further enquiry.

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