How to make ‘advertising’ as your career and stay successful ?

How to make ‘advertising’ as your career and stay successful ?

Does the famous taglines like “Just Do It” (Nike) or “Think Different” (Apple) or “You are worth it” (L’Oreal) interest you or the inventive logos of global corporate’s like Apple or Amazon make you inquisitive? Are you getting inspired by such creative stuff and want to do something alike? Have you started giving a thought to make a career in such imaginative and resourceful profession? If yes, your next step would be to join an established ad agency. But wait. Before logging on to internet to identify a good ad agency near you check your basics.
Primary requirement to get into advertising profession is to have loads of creativity and inventive thinking. Having a degree from a reputed institution would take you places and help you get a job in leading agencies. If not there is always room for start-ups or middle level agencies which are looking for those whose creative juices are always on the go. Not having a degree in advertising may be a shortcoming but not a permanent hindrance. One could stake up internships with agencies as such short term assignments offers plentiful revelation to advertising industry.
After internship one should go for an entry level position which for sure lays a robust foundation on which one can build his or her career. Look into the lives of any successful advertising personality and most of them have not become famous overnight. They have commenced their careers at very basic level. Working at bottom level in the initial stages enables one to work outside beyond their accepted zones and such experience would beneficial in long run.
Resume and Covering Letter – Make them creative!!
Unlike other professions advertising field requires communicating one’s skills via resume and cover letter. Forwarding a covering letter to the creative head or recruitment manager would seriously help. For instance a person trying for a copy writing position would require creative writing skills and a cover letter or resume highlighting the candidate’s skills would help the candidate in the interview. It is advisable not to make calls but follow up via emails as advertising experts may feel unwarranted calls disturbing.
Begin as a freelancer
If getting placed in a good agency is taking more time contemplate beginning career as a freelancer. Target the start-ups in your areas or any television or radio channels. Though opportunities begin slowly as you start proving oneself, the flow of enquiries for sure make one busy. As well, make sure you make a lot of networking by attending seminars or workshops, as well leveraging social media. At the end of the day it is the passion for work that is counted and there would be one who would respect such passion and creativity. And that would be the end point for ones’ search for opportunity.

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