Warren Buffet’s Rules of Money Management

Warren Buffet’s Rules of Money Management

Rule No.1: Never loose the money you have.

Rule No.2: Never forget the first rule.


For decades Warren Buffet is acquiring the place in world’s top-most 5 billionaires. His journey and his code of conduct is obviously a bible for every individual who intends to be financially comfortable.


1) If you buy something which you don’t require at this point of time you might sell something in future which is very much mandatory for you.


2) If we refer to savings every individual tries to save a part of his or her earnings. But the ground rule is don’t save what is left out after your expenditure but first save the maximum and spend the rest.


3) If you are waiting for the money that you are supposed to get in a desperate condition, it indicates you are not earning what you need. Though this is factual you shouldn’t feel sad but be pragmatic enough to create new ways of earning.

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